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(And or any other business listed hereunder on the back of the Deed)


A. That Advance Business Broker has introduced the above Business to ME/US and made it known that it is on the market for sale.

B. That in consideration of I/WE (or any related parties/ partners) being privy to information relating to the affairs of theBusiness (namely, profit and loss or related financial information, Leases, license or any other material) (“confidentialInformation”), I / WE agree to keep confidential the Confidential Information)

C. That I/ WE are aware of the PRIVACY ACT (Cth) 1998

1. Undertakings and Obligations:

I/WE (or my/our partners/directors) must Not, without the prior written consents of Advance Real estate/ Business broker and theVendor

a) Disclose the Confidential information to any individual, corporation or partnership (whether related to Me/Us, or otherwise); or

b) Copy or in any way duplicate the Confidential information; or

c) Use the Confidential Information for a purpose other than assessing whether to make an offer to purchase the Business.

2. I/WE acknowledge and agree:

a) That the obligations and undertakings set out in this Deed extend to all My/Our officers, employees, partners and advisors whom have had access to the Confidential Information; and

b) That all dealings with the Vendor (their landlord or agent, accountant or solicitor) must be conducted via AdvanceBusiness Brokers; and

c) To return to Advance Real Estate/Broker all Confidential information if I/We do not purchase the Business within 5 days upon request

3. I/WE undertake and agree:

a) That if I/WE (or my/our partners/related parties) ultimately purchase the Business (whether as an individual, company or partnership) from the Vendor (whether through another agent, privately or through another source), that I/We will compensate Advance Business Brokers for all financial loss and damage it has sustained as a result of being unable to secure the sale of the Business; and

b) That I/WE will ensure that My/Our officers, partner, employees or advisors do not act in a manner or in such a way that would constitute a breach of My/Our obligations under this Deed; and

c) To indemnify Advance Business Brokers against any loss or damage it suffers directly or indirectly arising from or connected with any failure of I/We to meet my obligations under this Deed or any failure toserve any obligation ofconfidence relating to the Confidential information.